About Ombori and the Role Played by Andreas Hassellof

The retail world has now found a solution that consists of a digital tool to help increase brand loyalty and customer experience. All these have been made possible by one of Sweden’s innovation powerhouse Ombori, a company under founder and CEO Andreas Hassellof. The solution known as queue system management is now a popular digital tool in major retail stores worldwide. The system has made it even to malls and airports as a tool targeted at improving customer experience.

Even with a small population of just 10.4 million people, Sweden has been marked as one of the countries making headlines regarding innovation. Innovators like Andreas Hassellof have put Ombori Grid on the global platform. The country is renowned for its investment strategies whereby older successful companies get to invest in upcoming countries. As a result, the innovative industry is the biggest employer in Sweden, employing 80.7% of the population and contributing towards 65.2% of the GDP.

Retailers like H&M and Target Australia have incorporated Ombori Grid into their businesses. What has assisted this company in achieving so much success is the measures put in place by the Sweden Government to assist the innovative industry in creating a healthy competitive market. The journey of Andrea’s company in the innovative market began in 2015. Andrea started the company with a vision of improving the customer experience. Further, this experience would lead to brand loyalty, which most businesses would want to achieve. Through the system, retail stores have power in their hands to use mobile devices in their stores. Businesses can now have digital tools to assist in the daily business ventures in physical locations, with the assistance of venture capital firms and the recognition which the company is currently receiving. Andreas’ company is out to help businesses turn their environments into smart cities.