Alejandro Betancourt Pursues Hawkers’ Transformation to Become a Global Fashion Investment

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Hawkers is a unique sunglass brand whose influence is growing massively amongst people today. This is because it was created based on clarity in quality, fashion, and design. The prices are also affordable, thereby resonating with the potential customers.

The company realized outrageous victory in Spain, but later, the firm registered some hefty losses. This time, Hawkers sort out Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to take over the company operations, and this must have been a robust move because the fortunes rebounded. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was the President, and the firm is now a global fashion establishment.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez alongside other entrepreneurs amassed about $56 million to speed up the company operations, thereby strengthening the leadership. Nacho Puig became the CEO and was tasked to oversee business development as well as the basic operations.

Therefore, Betancourt widened the firm’s distribution channels to North America, Europe, and Asia after conquering Spain. Later, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez invested more resources into the company to gain a higher controlling interest as a shareholder. Betancourt’s journey was not smooth because he advised his colleagues to be always on the move and try out alternatives without giving up.

The fashion agency has realized tremendous growth by opening offices in cities like Hong Kong, Barcelona, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Elche with above 200 workers there. Therefore, Alejandro has guided the company to establish itself in over 50 countries and garner about 4.5 million pieces.

The fashion agency identified Facebook marketing early on and is now benefitting from augmented fame and sales. Hawkers is now leading in this advertising niche because it has the highest Facebook likes.

The company exploits online distribution channels, thereby giving the company a competitive edge and also uphold quality standards. Indeed, the firm has 90% of its sales from digital platforms, and it also has about 40 stores globally.