Alejandro Betancourt’s Efforts in Hawkers’ Reconstruction to Become a Global Financial Company

Hawkers is a sunglass company that focuses more on quality, high fashion, designer, and affordable price. Hawkers has, therefore, charted an ostensible philosophy, and the unique lifestyle brand has quickly gained momentum amongst the followers. The company registered massive success in Spain, but later experienced some losses, and they quickly found Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to steer the venture, and it is evident that the fortunes have rebounded.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s tenure as the President has seen the company become global. In partnership with several investors, Alejandro Betancourt put together approximately $56 million and channeled it to create a robust leadership team with Nacho Puig being appointed as the CEO. Nacho focuses on the venture’s business development and company operations.

After registering massive Spanish success, Betancourt expanded the Hawkers ties to entire Europe, North America, and Asia. Alejandro Betancourt was also investing in the company because, in 2018, he added an extra 20 million Euros to become the controlling shareholder with a 50% command. Even with this success, Betancourt noted that challenges have been there, and so advised the colleagues to press on always regardless of the failures.

Over time, the firm has grown and now has about 200 workers with branches in Los Angeles, Elche, Hong Kong, and Barcelona. Betancourt’s tenure has seen the venture gain a market presents in about 50 states globally registering a thumping 4.5 million sunglass sales. The company’s marginal growth since its inception by Caleb Garrett and Alex Moreno to enjoy a $100 million revenue.

Alejandro became the first individual to exploit Facebook advertising because he helped the venture to exploit ad campaigns that multiplied popularity and sales. With approximately 6.6 million Facebook likes, it is ranked among the popular ventures. Currently, the company relies on the internet to distribute the products, thereby warding off competition without compromising quality.

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