Alex Molinaroli: President of Ford Motor Company

Alex A Molinaroli is a man on a mission. He has been president of Ford Motor Company since 2013, and in that time he has turned the company around from near bankruptcy to one of the most profitable automakers in North America. In his interview with

The World Economic Forum, Alex talks about how to compete in today’s world where cars are rapidly becoming more sophisticated and technology is playing an increasingly important role. He believes that success is all about focus. “When I joined Ford, we were losing $17 billion a year,” he says. “I had to decide where to invest and how to get rid of anything that didn’t matter.” Focusing on what’s important has helped Ford Motor Company succeed in spite of challenging market conditions and indeed, the new Ford Focus is one of the most successful cars Ford has ever introduced.

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The World Economic Forum recently interviewed Ford Motor Company President, Alex A Molinaroli, who talked about his vision for how industry and society will be impacted by autonomous vehicles in the near future. Here is an excerpt from the article:

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Alex A Molinaroli, President of Ford Motor Company, recently talked with The World Economic Forum about the changing competitive landscape in the auto industry. Check out an excerpt of their interview below or watch it on The World Economic Forum’s website :