CineSpace Head CEO Alex Pissios Champions Helping the Community

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Alex Pissios is the head of Cinespace, a film studio that has been producing hit tv shows like Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Chicago Fire. Apart from producing entertainment for the majority of America and the world, the company is taking steps to ensure that they are building the community at large.

Alex Pissios took charge from his uncle, Nick Mirkopoulos who founded the company. After Nick succumbed to cancer in 2013, his family founded the CineCares Foundation that has been working tirelessly to uplift the community. Nick was very dedicated to Chicago and his family, especially Alex Pissios wanted the community to feel this love.

 Through Cinespace, Alex Pissios has offered opportunities for people from Chicago, especially the vulnerable communities. This has been achieved through donations to the UoC’s Pediatric Medical Mobile Clinic that has made healthcare accessible to vulnerable kids in Chicago. The mobile clinic has been to more than 30 schools across Chicago and has dispensed medical and mental health aid to children and teens.

Alex Pissios has championed using the resources at our disposal to break down barriers in the community and taking the initiative to help our neighbors. Apart from giving medical aid donations, they have offered opportunities for the community to work at Cinespace. By providing job opportunities, Alex Pissios and Cinespace provide economic empowerment, which in turn help people elevate certain aspects of their lives.

Through the Mirkopoulos Internship, Cinespace has been offering training programs in Television and Film production and after going through this, they can be absorbed into the company or find work in other studios.