Data Systems International Launches Their Most Recent Cloud Inventory Platform

DSI Global is a leading provider of inventory control solutions, who recently unveiled its latest cloud inventory platform. Using this inventory solution, distributors and manufacturers can conveniently track activities in their business premises in real-time. This disruptive technology is designed to transform the approaches in place through increased revenue generation, compliance and productivity.

Given that this Data Systems International inventory is a cloud-based solution, companies can keep track of consignment materials, job site supplies, and inventory beyond the warehouse. Also, the users of this DSI Global cloud inventory can access it via mobile devices. To help in monitoring and improving the supply chain performance, this Data System International cloud inventory interface features dashboards.

In the four decades that DSI Global has been in operation, they understand the need for adaptability for companies looking to track and control inventory. This is why they have opted to establish their inventory on a low code platform, making it convenient for companies to integrate the cloud-based solution with their in-house software. In addition, the cloud inventory is also designed to be configurable in industries like construction, medical devices and manufacturing.

The other notable benefit of this Cloud Inventory solution is that it’s tailored to tackle industry-specific needs and adjusts to the ever-changing business needs. Its ease of configuration has also helped companies in different industries to reduce human error and increase inventory visibility. This has helped to boost the expensive and time-consuming overhauls characterized by past systems.

The companies cloud inventory has also come at a perfect time because companies in different sectors are adjusting to the inconveniences resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. This is why more than ever, there is a need for real-time monitoring, and that’s what DSI hopes to achieve.

DSI top executive Mark Goode states that it is high time for companies to have a different approach to their inventory management practices. The Data Systems International clod inventory offers a flexible layer to help optimize and restore the supply chain. See this page for related information.


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