Edgard Corona Retaliates that SmartFit Banks on Technology to Get More Clients

Being the best gym in Latin America, SmartFit, the famous fitness center continues to serve its clients even after the pandemic. During the pandemic, Smart Fit experienced an increase in clients in both June and July. Moreover, the number of students increased by 4% in all the 13 nations of southern America adding up to approximately 2 million and 3% in Brazil in the two months also marking about 1.1 million trainees. However, Bio Ritmo does not rest until they get back to where it was before the disaster which had more than 2.8 million clients in all the gyms and over 1.6 million in Brazil. This increase was a result of resuming all the fitness centers in July. Being the executive director and initiator of SmartFit, Edgard Corona explained about improving services by ensuring that the students are well familiarized with the devices after their enrollment.

During an interview, Edgard Corona further said that the gym is returning to the position it was before the calamity since many new students are being admitted and others who had stopped due to the pandemic reporting back. This was after Edgard Corona researched with 24000 customers who had ceased being clients but 82% promised him to get back but only when immunized. Moreover, the other lot wanted to get back to the gym but some lost jobs while others opted to wait and watch the calamity.

Edgard Corona plans to enlarge the gyms where Smart Fit initiated its expansion strategies with at least 70% of over 2 billion reais total which will be used in launching new stations. Moreover, the movement already created 53 stations in three months.

They also have an idea of building a micro gym where trainees can do other activities like running bodybuilding and boxing. Smart Fit also plans in investing through the technology which will reduce clients’ dropouts and educate them on health during this calamity period.

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