Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Look to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19

Tempus is an AI health tech start-up establishment that uses technology to diagnose ailments. The company is fast-growing and is currently led by Eric Lefkofsky, having widened its attention from cancer to other deadly diseases such as mental diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and other infectious disorders. An article was written on CNBC in June of 2020 about how the company Tempus has helped in the fight against COVID-19. The article starts by listing the key points that are made in the article, and there is also a picture of Tempus CEO Eric Lefkofsky during an interview. The article then begins with a brief introduction of the tech company Tempus, and how the company is joining the fight against COVID-19. The article then shifts to discuss the three primary lines of Business that Tempus has. 

The first line of business that they mention is the genomic tests that Tempus offers that can help identify hundreds of genes that look for cancer. According to Eric Lefkofsky, the second line of business mentioned is the partnerships that Tempus has with academic health care centers. The third and final line of business that is mentioned is how Tempus sells data to pharmaceutical companies working on drug discovery. The article with the interview to Eric Lefkofsky then shifts to take a look at how Tempus is using COVID-19 patient data to help physicians treat patients and for drug discovery. The article mentions that investor Eric Lefkofsky believes the company’s AI platform could be beneficial in this. The article also has a quote from Dr. Scott Gotlieb. The article details that Dr. Gotlieb is currently on the Tempus’ board of directors, and that Dr. Gotlieb previously worked for the Food and Drug Administration.

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