Georgette Mulheir: A Compassionate Torchbearer and Creator of Defend Haiti’s Democracy

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Since the 90s, this compassionate influential woman has been endeavoring through and illuminating the dark world of inhumane orphanage-related neglect and abuse, and has also founded Defend Haiti’s Democracy. For those who haven’t seen or heard her, Georgette Mulheir has an incredibly insightful TedTalks video on YouTube that has moved, educated, and inspired very many people! Defend Haiti’s Democracy is a human rights organization looking for support for Haiti’s current state of turmoil. Currently Democracy is in shambles and citizens are suffering. 

There’s widespread political gang violence, kidnappings, and massacres that have become normalized. Activist and human rights defendant Georgette Mulheir’s Legacy-in-Progress includes going from her humble beginnings doing social work in England – the experience of which must have been a disillusioning contributor to her highly motivated compassionate resolve – to becoming a Global Strategic Advisor, and eventually spearheading the creation of the new Haitian-based human rights group. What’s recently come to light in Haiti is a strange form of orphanage-related human-trafficking. 

Unregistered pseudo-orphanages masquerade as genuinely altruistic organizations but are typically nothing more than doner swindling charlatans, taking money from none-the-wiser charitable donors Georgette Mulheir has pointed out. The swindlers manipulate impoverished parents to give up their children, pocket the foreign-doner-provided financial resources meant for the orphanages, and leave the children to mostly fend for themselves in squalor. Right now Haiti needs help and thanks to Georgette Mulheir and Defend Haiti’s Democracy, the nation and its citizens have a chance to see improvements, let’s just hope that help starts coming more abundantly and quickly.

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