Greg Blatt, leadership with professionalism

As a modern Executive leader, Greg understands and promotes the vital role of corporate culture in both an organization’s success and enhancing employees’ experiences. Greg strongly advocates for company values and building a great workplace environment, utilizing best practices like putting employees first.

Greg started his professional career with Lehman Brothers before joining NBC Cable early in the 1980s. Greg earned a degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Science with distinction and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Greg Blatt recognized the inherent connection between unwavering interest, dedication, and passion in employees’ work. He was able to get his point across clearly, communicating with transparency and authenticity. Blatt believed that using data to make informed decisions is critical. This helped him move forward with the company’s goals while still maintaining an innovative approach.

Several organizations have benefited from Greg Blatt’s ability to clarify what needed to be done for the company to succeed. His leadership skills allowed him to focus all employees on achieving these goals through hard work and commitment. In his international travels as CEO, Greg Blatt learned from professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. This exposure to other cultures allowed him to become a more versatile communicator not limited by geographical or cultural boundaries.

With the Match Group based in Dallas, Blatt was able to travel between Dallas and New York. He developed a significant understanding of the business needs. His strong knowledge allowed him to become a leading voice within the company without overwhelming his colleagues.

Greg Blatt’s leadership style encouraged employees, independent of their level, to be involved in projects that could make significant changes for the future success of the organizations he managed. See this page for more information.


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