Heath Ritenour on Post-Pandemic Turn of Events

It’s no doubt that companies across all sectors had to change their mode of operation during the covid-19 pandemic, and the insurance industry wasn’t spared. Though the changes experienced in the insurance sector were to cater for the emergency, its no doubt that many of them will be used even after the pandemic. According to Heath Ritenour, who has been in the industry for almost three decades, the following revolutions will happen post-pandemic:

(1)Better Customer Service

Like the companies were proactive in sending checks to their customers and were mostly customer-oriented, Heath Feels that this is what people should expect going forward. This is because every agency will strive to attract more customers as they maintain the loyal ones since it is the only thing that will make them stand out.

(2)The agent May Not Be In The Office

Different before the pandemic, when customers could go to the office anytime, from now on, Heath Ritenour notes that one will have to book an appointment for their agents may not be in the office. This U-turn of events originated during the pandemic when producers were forced to work from home, during which they enjoyed working remotely. It is no doubt that many will adopt this going forward.

(3)Adoption of Advanced Technology

Since remote working will be the new norm, agencies will have no option than to embrace technology wholly to enhance communication between the company, producers, and clients. Virtual meetings, texts, and emails will be some forms of communication and interaction. Technology will also eliminate the cumbersome paperwork for apps like Docusign will be used for signing purposes.

(4)New Products

With technology at their disposal, companies will be more creative and innovative, and according to IOA CEO Heath Ritenour, we should expect more improved products like customized goods. To Heath, any company that will not be ready for change will have to exit the market.

Learn more about Heath: https://www.f6s.com/heathritenour