IM Academy

IM Academy offers Forex Trading education for new traders. They focus on providing high-quality content that teaches students how to succeed in the Forex market. IM Academy provides its students with cutting-edge training that they couldn’t access anywhere else with a library of downloadable resources and live interactive discussions.

Since its launch, The Academy has grown to over 500,000 registered users. IM is differentiated from other organizations offering similar products by the breadth of their product offerings designed for the various levels of Forex traders and their strong emphasis on interactive learning models.

IM Academy courses are offered as e-learning products, allowing students to take lessons on the run or off-hours. This is particularly convenient for working professionals.

Courses include a comprehensive library of multimedia content, including text, audio, interactive animations, and video.

The Academy’s products are based on a strong foundation of research that has identified three major factors for success in Forex: a sound underlying knowledge base, discipline, and technical skills.

IM Academy offers a Pre-Trading Package (PTD), for traders with some experience. The package includes the first three levels of lessons: Basics, Understand Value and Understand Risk. The course consists of lesson reviews introducing concepts, problem-solving techniques, and risk management tactics. The pre-trading package is designed to give traders with some experience a grounding in the basics of Forex trading.

The “Advanced Level 1” course is designed for those who have completed the other Courses or have some experience trading Forex in their portfolio. This course teaches advanced risk management, analyzing how to read material outside of the price chart, understanding Fibonacci retracements, learning how to trade news events, and much more. The course culminates in an advanced trading simulation where students apply their knowledge to real-time market action.

The Academy offers its products on a subscription basis. Subscribers pay a recurring fee and receive access to self-paced courses. See this page for more information.


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