Juan Monteverde and His Class Action Suit Company

Juan Monteverde was recently interviewed about his New York practice. Specifically, he talked about how he is the founder and Managing Partner at his firm, Monteverde and Associates PC.


In the interview, Mr, Monteverde talks about how he ran a department in a firm that was concerned with shareholders and acquisitions. Through maintaining good relationships with his former firm, he was able to learn a lot about this area of the law and find new clients that were interested in his past casework.

He then went on to get cases where shareholders claimed that they were wrongly treated financially due to bad advertisement practices and even straight out fraud from companies they got involved with.

Tough Decisions and Deadlines

He also spoke about how he made tough decisions during Covid, including closing the offices 2 weeks before New York City made this mandatory. Though it may have hurt business, he did it to make sure that his employees remained safe.

Mr. Monteverde also spoke about how he works hard and keeps working, and cited this as a reason why he’s been as successful as he has. He makes it a point to never go home until he’s done with everything he has to do. Getting everything done on time is something he emphasizes because in the law, there are many hard deadlines and lawyers shouldn’t ever stop worrying about making sure that everything that needs to get done actually does get done on time when it comes to trials.

Additionally, he also talks about how his work experience is a big factor in why he’s as successful as he’s been as well. His experience helps him to make sure that the time and energy he spends on tasks are chosen wisely. Without that experience, he might be wasting it. Refer to this page for additional information