Krishen Iyer and Always On Marketing

Krishen Iyer is a founder of consulting companies like MAIS Consulting. He also contributes to philanthropic organizations like the Make a Wish Foundation. Recently, Krishen Iyer has also spoken about his opinions on marketing. Mr. Iyer, from Carlsbad, California, got a degree from San Diego State University before working in insurance and eventually founding consulting companies. 


The successful entrepreneur spoke recently about the “always-on” concept in marketing, which is about trying to constantly engage those in your target market and trying to get results based on whatever hours the target individuals for your business are awake. Krishen Iyer wrote about how he likes the idea in general, he thinks that it’s important to make a distinction here. In other words, he wants people to know the difference between being always on and being always communicating.


This means that he thinks it’s important to make sure that you don’t oversaturate your target audiences with messaging. The way to do this, according to the successful businessman, is to make sure that you’re getting constant feedback from the audience to make sure that consumers don’t feel overwhelmed with messages that just harass them and waste their time, from their point of view. If you do it this way, Krishen Iyer states, then you can make sure that you aren’t just always on, but that you are always efficient as well. If your message is just annoying people, then you’re wasting both their energy and yours. That way you have both effectiveness and efficiency by making sure you are keyed into each consumer feedback response.

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