Krishen Iyer: How to Build a Business and Live Your Dream

Krishen Iyer is a successful entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses. He had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, but it wasn’t until he was in his late twenties that he started to take the risks necessary to make his dreams come true. Krishen Iyer´s first business venture was with two friends where they created their own ecommerce site for importing products from China.


This site grew into a multi-million dollar company that they sold about ten years later. For Krishen Iyer, entrepreneurship isn’t just something you read about or watch on TV; it’s something he lives every day of his life! His next venture was a company called ClickAgents, which is an advertising platform for affiliate marketers. After selling that company in 2013, Krishen Iyer started another marketing company called Trada, which helps clients with their paid search campaigns. 


He has since sold that company to his partners and while he no longer works there full time, he’s still there part time and sees himself as more of an adviser and marketing expert than anything else. For Krishen Iyer, making the decision to sell his business was extremely difficult, but it was something that he felt had to be done in order for him to move on with other projects. 

He didn’t know at the time how much his work with Trada would help him in his next endeavor, but he’s very happy that it did because the knowledge he has gained from them has helped him immensely through his career within the marketing and insurance industry. Krishen Iyer recently launched a company called Invicta SEO which helps entrepreneurs who are just getting started online. Apart from putting much effort into his career, Mr. Krishen also spends time with family and participates in other sports activities such as playing soccer, tennis, and chess.