New Fortress Energy And Its Founder, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a highly respected entrepreneur because of his vast experience gained from working in Lehman Brothers and BlackRock as the managing director. In 2014, he set up New Fortress Company to produce carbon-free energy while ensuring net-zero emissions. The company built a floating LNG terminal worth $ 1 billion in Jamaica’s old Harbor Bay.

Sam Abdalla is the vice president of Wes Edens’ project development department in New Fortress. According to him, the €650 million power plant, which is scheduled for a three-year construction, will create 270 temporary jobs, and once operational, 70 people will have long-term jobs. An additional 400 long-term jobs would also be created following the building of a data center campus with eight major halls as a follow- on development.

Despite having many advantages, the New fortress has had its share of resistance and objections. In 2020, the company presented an application to the Irish High court to build Shanon Terminal. Unfortunately, the High court threw out the application due to complaints from environmental campaigners. Eamon Ryan, the Minister of Environment in Ireland, is against fracked gas and believes that it is inappropriate to allow the Shannon LNG project to proceed.

Wes Edens believes that New Fortress will be the World’s leading energy producer in ten years. The company uses fracked fossil natural gas, which it ships from the US, but promises to transition to using hydrogen in the future.

Singapore is the country with the furthest advanced plans to set up data centers at LNG terminals. Wes Edens’ company is yet to make practical the idea of setting up data center sites in LNG terminals even though the concept has been proposed severally. LNG terminals are proposed as data center sites because they provide abundant sources of natural cooling after liquefied natural gas is regasified.

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