President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics, Tim Murawski

Led by Tim Murawski, Augmedics is a global healthcare company that develops and manufactures multiple life-saving medications. It is a leader in developing innovative new life-saving drugs, devices, and solutions. In July, the company reported its first-ever quarterly revenue and earnings performance, both strong. Tim Murawski is a medical doctor and an expert in medical emergency management, emergency medicine, and healthcare technology. 


In addition, healthcare expert and businessman Tim Murawski has a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree in medical research from Indiana University (Massnews).


Augmedics CEO and the key player in the company

CEO and Chief Medical Officer Tim Murawski, a physician, epidemiologist, and physician-scientist, has served as the company’s chief medical officer since July 1, 2011 , he served as the company’s president and chief operating officer and as the first deputy general manager of its medical support services unit.


Tim Murawski Augmedics.

On March 30, 2012, the company announced that it had hired its former chief medical officer, Tim Murawski, as a senior vice president. The healthcare expert previously had responsibilities including helping the company manage its medical and medical support services unit and run a strategy for expanding its business. 

However, as Tim Murawski points out, the company later said it had lost its competition in advanced cardiovascular care due to financial troubles, an increase in insurance coverage for high-cost preventive care.

In addition to the introduction of cheaper and more effective treatments. It further said it brought in outside advisors to help the company navigate its financial issues and grow its business. In addition to its former medical officer, Tim Murawski, former CEO Gary Blevins and current Chief Financial Officer Arieh Nabi served as chief financial officer and vice president. Additionally, former CEO John Kresowich was a significant investor in the company, as was former CFO Stu Covingham.