The Impressive Career of Andrew Alexander

Few writers or producers in Hollywood have a resume that is comparable to that of Andrew Alexander. A native of London, England, Alexander has a resume that includes more than thirty films and television shows. Alexander has built a reputation for being an innovative and influential producer who is most known for his production “The Second City.”

Alexander’s early career began in the news industry. He had jobs where he worked for Thompson Newspapers and the newspaper, early in his career. These jobs exposed him to the world of theater and eventually lead him to one of his first production jobs working with the Global Village Theatre. Andrew Alexander had the opportunity to co-produce a variety of late-night shows. This was what spared his career in movies and television.

Alexander’s work at the Second City is what really made a name for him. At Second City he had the opportunity to help start many famous comedians’ careers including Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Aykroyd, and Joe Flaherty. Alexander was able to expand the work of this group to places all over the globe including Edmonton, London, and Toronto. All of this work lead to an impressive career in television for Alexander. He collaborated with major networks like Comedy Central, Disney Studios, and Fox Television. During his impressive career Andrew Alexander wrote and produced work for names like,Bill Murray, Steve Carell, and John Candy,

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