The Strategy Alejandro Betancourt Used For Hawkers Co.

Establishing a successful business today takes more than having the needed capital. According to Alejandro Betancourt, it is through defining the right strategy that helps a business to thrive amidst challenges. Hawkers Co. can testify on the power of a business strategy as it’s what has helped define its success. The company is a leading eyewear fashion brand globally, following Alejandro’s input and entrepreneurial skills.

Hawkers Co. was established as a tech company. The four founders never thought even that their company would become a thriving fashion establishment. However, while trying to raise funds for their business projects and venture, the founders acknowledged an opportunity for reselling sunglasses from California. The resell was highly profitable as the company made over $60 million in revenue.

The first days as an eyewear company and enterprise were challenging. The founders weren’t prepared for the fashion world, and they could spend all the money they made on production. However, having heard Alejandro Betancourt of the O’Hara Administration Group, the founders sought help. Alejandro was reputable for helping global ventures and businesses receive the funding they needed for their projects. In addition, Alejandro Betancourt had developed an immense understanding of the rules of business success. Through his experience and exposure in the financial world, the investor engineered the founders into the right track.

The most significant number of eyewear customers are the young demographics, and Alejandro knew how to attract their attention. Through his leadership, the brand managed to manufacture and produce high-quality and stylish sunglasses at an affordable price. The stylish nature of the eyewear and the affordability helped increase the brand’s popularity in the market. Alejandro Betancourt also identified social media influencers who would become the brand’s ambassadors. The strategy made the company reach millions across the world. By 2017, the brand had sold over 4.5 million pairs globally.

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