What Does It Mean To Be Self-Made? Min-Liang Tan On His Struggles, Adversity And Why He Believes That Success Is A Matter of Competitive Traits

The story of Razer now valued at $1.5 billion is also a story of an improbable success story. The original idea was to become a high-quality mouse manufacturer for PC enthusiasts and gamers. What eventually, they created a comprehensive suite of services and products that not only define the category but also that became a role model for other entrepreneurs in the gaming industry. At the age of 29, Razer is the world’s first $1 billion startup. Tan is the youngest self-made billionaire in Asia.

The company offers gaming peripherals, like headphones, keyboards and mice, and other gadgets, like video game consoles, into a single virtual ecosystem. Min-Liang Tan and Krakoff’s gaming-centric mouse was intended to make the playing experience more enjoyable, rather than more accurate. But today, the Razer brand continues to be synonymous with quality and creativity, thanks in part to the company’s aggressive new product launches and R&D initiative. But to get there, Tan, who was actually already working at Apple when Razer first began to take off.

The Razer CEO had to hustle his way up to the top and learn how to lead people, particularly in a startup environment. One of his best and most influential teachers came from a former classmate from college. That classmate told Tan to stay focused on creating something exceptional. “He told me: ‘You’re building something, but the goal is not to build a great company. The goal is to build an iconic company,'” noted Tan.

“At that time, I didn’t know what this meant,” said Tan. “I knew that I was proud of what I had achieved as a lawyer, but I didn’t know what it was going to be like.” In 2013, the company launched a VR headset for virtual reality platforms and today, Razer has continued to achieve new milestones. Go to this article for related information.

Krakoff and Tan knew something special, which is why they approached one of their friends at the bank who gave them the advice to “go out and build a business.” “So we thought, ‘How can we not be gamers anymore?'” Tan explained.


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