What You Need to Know About the Brazilian Entrepreneur in the Civil Engineering Sector

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an entrepreneur and a civil engineer from Brazil. He is a known founder and Executive Chairman of several telecoms and communication companies, including Horizons Telecom, Horizon Datacenter, and thee-Government Group. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s career expertise has enabled him to bring great changes and transform the technology industries in the world. According to a recent interview, Haroldo stated that he has witnessed how technology can influence the world of entrepreneurship. Haroldo Jacobovicz established a company with three of his friends in college, referred to as Microsystem. Microsystem was an inventory management company that assisted businesses in improving their inventory management. However, the company did not make it due to the lack of the right audience. Still, Jacobovicz stated that he gained experience but predicted computing and information technology would be used in the future.

After his failed success in the Inventory company, Microsystem, he went and worked for other businesses, including Itaipu, a power generating company owned by the Brazilian and Argentina Government, as a financial assessor. Sooner than later, he started another telecommunication company known as e-Governe in 1990. Later in 2010, Haroldo Jacobovicz founded Horizon Telecom, the most known respected telecom company in Brazil.

Horizon Telecom company is a telecommunication company that supplies and utilizes 100% fiber network, high-advanced equipment for its clients, and multi-point redundancy. Having seen the emerging technology in the telecommunication industry, Haroldo Jacobovicz launched the Horizon Datacentre to improve connectivity issues and cloud capabilities to organizations in Brazil.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s parents and his siblings were all civil engineers. His family involvement in the engineering sector is what inspired him to pursue a career in civil engineering. He joined the Federal University of Parana and obtained a degree in civil engineering. His creativity and his problem-solving skills have made him stand out in the civil engineering sector.