Betsy Devos

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Just when you thought Betsy DeVos’s wild education secretary ride couldn’t get any wilder — it does. This time, she spent all day Wednesday at a prestigious Washington all-girls charter school with Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan in tow.


This is part of DeVos’s charter school outreach program to show how transformational the schools can be when teachers and students work together for the best needs of the child.


And to make her visit even wilder, DeVos was joined by native Miami rapper Pitbull. The rapper started his own Miami charter school to ensure area students have access to quality education. While Pitbull has received a lot of criticism for his profanity-laced lyrics, DeVos says she is still impressed by the rapper’s commitment to the educational needs of children of Miami.


Florida Governor Jeb Bush has always been a strong ally of DeVos. He is also been a huge supporter of national charter schools and voucher programs. DeVos has very strong ties to Florida. Her husband, Amway’s heir Richard “Dick” DeVos, and his family own the Orlando Magic NBA team.


The following day, DeVos visited more elementary schools in the greater Miami area. Christian Academy is a highly touted charter school located downtown. CARE Elementary is another school that receives tax incentives and donated money to cover the tuition of students from low-income families.


The education tour has received mixed reviews. DeVos has received a fair share of criticism due to the lack of charter school oversight and how they are funded. DeVos pushed back by saying that the schools are giving families the opportunity to control their own educational choices. Also, many charter schools get backing from celebrities including Andre Agassi and Puff Daddy.


DeVos says that in spite of the criticism, she is excited about the prospects.


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