Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works with Dallas practice institution which focuses on cosmetic surgery of various body parts like the face, nose, breast, body, and eyes. The surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar’s sensitivity and concern for his patients are greatly influenced by the fact that he is so passionate about helping society. Dr. Jejurikar carries out several body cosmetic procedures such as body sculpting, buttock augmentation, breast and surgery revision. The doctor also performs hair transplantation through a practice known as SmartGraft. The process restores one’s hair permanently without causing any feeling of discomfort by the use of a specific hair graft implantation method.
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Crisalix procedure done by Dr, Jejurikar entails using a 3D imaging system that, with the help of a plastic surgery simulator software program, enables the creation of a new body or face at sight. Another practice carried out by Dr. Jejurikar is found through Touch MD, a website responsible for educating patients and providing a convenient and safe patients portal. There are images, videos, and procedure information on this website that enables one to set the expectations they have of the procedure, including more knowledge about the doctor. There is also a procedure that deals with the art of skin science carried out at epicenter Skincare & Laser Center. The skin center offers the most current non-surgical cosmetic medicine with very skilled staff.EpiCenter follows all the protocols laid out by Dr. Jejurikar on their procedure. They ensure their patients receive an individualized treatment plan before and after procedural treatment. Patients who have gone through Dr. Jejurikar’s procedures have written great testimonials about his services and how their lives got better.