Learning How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur with Andrew Frame


Andrew Frame is the and CEO of Citizen App which happens to be the first app that allows location and 911 intelligence to mold together. The app is strictly designed to keep individuals and their loved ones safe when an accident occurs.

Aside from becoming an app creator, Andrew Frame is also an expert software programmer which allowed him to become a founder of a company at the young age of 15. At the age of 17, Andrew started working for Cisco Systems as a support engineer where he worked until he was recruited to the Global Center of Enterprise to start routing architecture.

During Andrew’s interview with IdeaMensch, Andrew explains where the idea of Citizen came from. In his words, he explained that Citizen was a mission-oriented project. This meant that upon completion of Citizen, it was meant to change the world and help individuals who used his app. When Andrew Frame found out that there were no free pieces of technology to help keep individuals safe, he made it his mission to create a free app that would. This is when Citizen started to come into play. Every day, Andrew would brief his teams on his updates before spending his day planning and working on the Citizen app.

In his interview, Andrew Frame also explains how reading technology and business books help him become a successful entrepreneur by keeping hobbies outside his normal office hours. When it comes to being an entrepreneur with a successful business, Andrew tells his team and others in the field to always take feedback seriously. By listening to feedback, an entrepreneur can quickly fix their mistakes, as well as add specifics to a project that will bring in more customers. Before throwing away feedback, ask yourself if it will benefit a certain project to look into feedback like Andrew Frame practices. Refer to this article for more information.


Learn more about Frame on https://theorg.com/org/citizen/org-chart/andrew-frame