PosiGen Takes Key Strides In Ensuring Better Services For The Customers They Serve

Following the devastating aftermath of hurricane Katrina that affected the people of New Orleans, the people and families within this community were looking for ways to make homes better and more affordable to live in. PosiGen solar power company was doing all they could to help them. At the time, there were more than 16 initiatives designed to assist the community build their homes. 


Most of them could only be afforded by wealthy residents. Most of the people affected were low-to-middle income families and could hardly afford solar energy or home upgrades. Posigen saw this disparity and took steps to ensure that they made a difference. After exploring different alternatives, they settled on offering affordable solar power to the communities by selling it differently.


Since their beginnings as a firm and up to now, Posigen solar power company’s primary drive was to make savings from their sales. So, if their clients didn’t make any meaningful savings from choosing their solar option, they wouldn’t install for them. This is because their primary driver was on the success of their clients and not to make profits. 


This plan worked for Posigen because immediately after the rollout, many people began to invest in solar power. Today, they serve more than seven states across the United states, and this has helped them to serve clients quickly. One of the significant benefits of taking up this solar option from PosiGen is that customers aren’t charged any monitoring or installation fees. In addition, the program includes free home efficiency improvements that help customers save money.


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