Ryan Kavanaugh Sues Ethan Klein

On November 30th Ryan Kavanaugh took legal action against Ethan Klein. Prior to the proceedings, Klein had accused Ryan Kavanaugh of suing him. In April, Triller aired a match between Jack Paul and Ben Askren. The fight attracted many views but not as expected. According to Ryan Kavanaugh, it was due to internet piracy. Consequently, based on pay per view, about $100 million was lost.

The fight was pirated by H3 Podcast and Ethan Klein for their use. Unlike other internet pirates who pirate content for their consumption, the Ethan Klein and H3 Podcast rebroadcasted the fight to millions of viewers. The act cost Triller millions of revenue. However, Klein made a good sum through sponsorship and sales of the pirated pay-per-view. Since YouTube would have taken long to investigate, Triller had the responsibility of investigating and reporting the matter.

The entertainment industry has intellectual properties which need to be protected like in other sectors. The pay-per-view has a huge significance and value to a company. Based on the piracy, Triller filed a legal suit against H3 Podcast in the U.S. District Court, Central California. The defendants for the case were Ethan and Hila, who run the h3h3Productions.

Apart from benefiting from Triller’s product, the H3 bragged about their actions. Although the issues could have been solved by litigation, Klein began disparaging Triller and attacking Kavanaugh in his videos. Besides, Klein customized his petty videos to appear first when anything about Kavanaugh is searched on the internet. Based on the Ethan false information in the videos and podcasts, Klein’s followers have got reasons to attack Kavanaugh.

Other actions that destroy Kavanaugh’s reputation include writing articles that portray Kavanaugh as fraudulent, besides colluding to delete Kavanaugh’s Wikipedia page. Besides, he attacked Triller’s app and changed the rating from 4.7 to a one-star rating. Fortunately, the app store had deleted some fake ratings. Thus, Ryan Kavanaugh is determined to prevent such harm from happening to someone else.