The story of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Running a startup can sometimes come with its fair of challenges. It is best to seek help from qualified people when the business seems to be dwindling. Hawkers company that makes sunglasses was afraid to seek the help of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. He has vast knowledge in the business arena stemming from running different companies under his portfolio. When we was approached by the founders of the sunglasses making company to turn turnaround the sales. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez focused on the marketing strategies that have led the company to increase its sales and become among the top-selling online stores. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez took the approach of influencer marketing by getting people to adorn the sunglasses. Additionally, he used celebrities and word of mouth as a way of selling the brand to consumers.

The digital marketing was successful as the analytics pointed that it led to an increased market presence which translated to sales. While joining the company, it was struggling. Still, Leopoldo saw it as an opportunity to prove his skills and consistently approached it, intending never to give up until the company achieved a success story.

Later he took over the administrative department and made operational changes that were in line with his vision. Despite being involved in business, he does not forget about philanthropic activities of giving back to society. Leopoldo has partnered with different projects with the aim of uplifting of the community. His most recent contribution is in the development of a school. Leopoldo has risen significantly to investing in the sunglasses company and becoming the person at the helm. Many startups can learn from the Hawkers success story that the founders were not afraid of seeking assistance. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a progressive leader who looks for emerging opportunities that others may not have spotted. He continues to further his marketing strategy of collaborating with celebrities for endorsements.

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